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Incognito Lingual Braces in London

Incognito lingual braces are the amazing system that combines the invisibility of clear aligners with the complex tooth movement of fixed braces.

Discreet treatment

Are you searching for lingual orthodontics in London? Ten Orthodontics provide discreet lingual braces for people who would like their teeth discreetly straightened or realigned, without having to wear visible braces.

Incognito lingual braces achieve this feat by using wires and brackets attached to the back of your teeth, which means complete discreetness coupled with effective straightening.

Many patients may feel their orthodontic problem is too severe for invisible braces, but thanks to Incognito braces this isn’t the case anymore. Incognito lingual braces use small wires and brackets to ensure patients suffer minimal discomfort during treatment.

Once fitted Incognito braces can be used to treat bite problems, tooth gaps, crowded smiles and much more, without anyone ever realising you are having treatment.

Each Incognito brace is custom-made and fitted according to the patient’s orthodontic prescription. Doing so ensures quick, effective results for clients, which means their smile can be enjoyed as soon as possible.

A brighter smile

Attaching the brackets to the back of the teeth also ensures that decalcification or enamel wear problems do not occur on the front teeth. Visible enamel chipping, old dental cement or adverse discolouration will not spoil your straight smile, as can sometimes be the case with traditional fixed braces.

For truly discreet, effective and comfortable brace treatment look no further than Incognito Lingual braces. Ten Orthodontics offer specialist Incognito Lingual Braces from their award winning practices in Clapham, Balham and Wandsworth.

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