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November 2, 2017

Track your entire Invisalign journey using the awesome free smile app!

Invisalign is a patient favourite when it comes to orthodontic treatment, particularly for adults looking to get great teeth without having to wear visible braces. The high-tech, modern braces system is discreet, completely removable and highly effective, causing as little disruption to your life as possible. Best of all, you can eat all your favourite foods and people won’t even know you are wearing braces at all!

Due to their popularity, Invisalign braces have been transforming smiles all over the UK and now, patients can even track their smile transformation using the amazing FREE Invisalign smile app.

The app allows Invisalign patients to capture their transition from crooked teeth to straight teeth, saving the transition in your gallery. The photo gallery can then be turned into a time-lapse video (using the app) so that you can see your full smile transformation. Also included are handy social media sharing icons so that you can easily share your transformation with family and friends.

There are additional features included with the Invisalign app to support patients undergoing Invisalign treatment. These include reminders of when to change your Invisalign aligner and advice and support about the treatment.


Check out this video to see exactly how the app works!

Invisalign results with Ten Orthodontics

Loads of our patients at Ten Orthodontics have benefited from getting Invisalign treatment. Here are some of their ‘Invisalign before and after’ images.

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