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December 16, 2016

Cfast Braces – Fast, Effective Dental Treatment…What’s the Catch?

A lot of adults are self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth; however, many feel they are too old for orthodontic treatment or are put off by the thought of wearing metal braces. Thankfully, orthodontists are now able to offer more modern treatments such as Cfast, which enables adults to get perfectly straight teeth in around six months.

Using tooth-coloured wire and clear brackets for more subtlety, Cfast braces are a fast-moving treatment that aligns the teeth quickly, to give patients more confidence in their smile. This treatment is a great option for people who would like noticeably better teeth without having to wear unsightly braces for long periods of time. It is also ideal for those with upcoming events such as weddings or reunions.

It all sounds too good to be true…so, what’s the catch?

Do I still have to wear braces?

Adults tend to be discouraged from orthodontic treatment because of the common misconception that it involves wearing unsightly or ‘child-like’ braces. Now dental technology and orthodontic treatments have advanced so significantly that most modern braces are more discreet and better suited for adults. Cfast uses discreet tooth-coloured brackets on the teeth, making it much more difficult for others to see them. This provides a more appealing treatment option for adults as they can get fast, effective orthodontics without having to endure years of wearing unappealing metal braces.

Are the results less effective than other braces?

It is natural to feel cautious about dental solutions that sound too good to be true, however Cfast braces has been proven to provide highly effective results to patients. The treatment can work over a shorter period as it targets the teeth at front of the mouth rather than the entire bite, straightening out common problems such as overcrowding, unwanted gaps, misalignment plus more. This gives patients quality results and a smile that they can feel confident with over a shorter timeframe.

Are Cfast braces more expensive than regular braces?

Many people assume that fast, effective dental treatment comes at a price, however, Cfast is a very cost-effective treatment. Because of the efficient, fast-paced nature in which the braces work, Cfast requires fewer trips to the orthodontist for check-ups, adjustments or tightening, making it subsequently cheaper than traditional methods. At Ten Orthodontics, we also offer unique payment plans for our patients to help spread the cost of dental treatments and make them more affordable.

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