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October 9, 2017

5 reasons you should say YES to adult braces

Adult braces no longer have the same stigma attached to them that they used to. Lots of A-list celebrities have even worn braces to correct their smile which has led to a mutual acceptance of adult braces and sparked a rise in the number of people asking for them. Today, people are also much more likely to invest in cosmetic dentistry now that treatments are much more affordable and there is a higher demand for attractive teeth. Whether you would like to perfect your smile or correct teeth that have misaligned over the years, we have 5 good reasons why you should say YES to adult braces!

1. No one will even notice you have them

Gone are the days of unsightly metal braces or ‘train tracks’, now there are plenty of invisible or highly discreet braces that can straighten your smile. Modern treatments such as Invisalign and Incognito lingual braces are completely invisible. There are also treatments such as the Six Month Smile and Cfast braces, which use tooth-coloured brackets for more discretion. Many of our customers say that with certain treatments, no one even knows you are wearing braces at all!

2. Straighter teeth are healthier teeth

It is actually much healthier for you to have straight teeth. Gaps or overcrowding can cause all kinds of problems and make your teeth more difficult to clean, leading to plaque build-up and eventually decay. Gaps can also cause the gums to become irritated as they cannot form evenly around the teeth, sometimes resulting in periodontal problems. Overbites and underbites can lead to excessive wear, causing the teeth to weaken over time. If you have any of the problems listed, we would always recommend straightening your teeth with orthodontics as this will result in much better oral hygiene and health and save you from additional dental problems later in life.

3. They can boost your self-confidence

Everyone dreams of having perfectly straight teeth but the reality is very few of us are lucky enough to have them naturally. Most people with a great smile will have had a little help from orthodontics, whether during teenage years or in adulthood. Straighter teeth have been shown to increase self-confidence and boost self-esteem. People are more likely to smile and laugh confidently after their orthodontic treatment instead of covering their mouth when they speak. Now that braces are more easily accessible, adults are more likely to embrace orthodontic treatment in order to get a perfect smile they are confident with.

4. They are now much more affordable

Adult braces are now so common that orthodontic treatment has become much more accessible and affordable. Most modern treatments come with interest-free financing options to help spread the cost of the treatment. At Ten Orthodontics, we have a range of financing options available which enables our patients to choose a payment plan which best suits them. In fact, getting braces will likely save you money in the long run as you are less likely to require dental work as a result of crooked teeth.

5. No one cares if you are wearing braces

Gone are the days where wearing braces is considered ‘uncool’ or embarrassing. Modern braces treatments are now so discreet and popular amongst adults that it is totally acceptable to get orthodontic treatment at any age. Plus, it’s important to remember that whilst you might not enjoy wearing braces during the course of your treatment, it is a very small price to pay for a fantastic smile you feel happy and confident with.

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