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April 7, 2017

10 things you’ll remember if you had braces in the 90s

Remember those humiliating teenage years when everyone was wearing those big metal braces? Yes, thank goodness, those years are behind us and now we are left with beautiful smiles, but honestly, where were the discreet Six Month Smile or Invisalign braces in those days? Still, we can look back on those days with fond-ish memories and appreciate what those braces did for our future smile. If you were someone who experienced braces in the 90s, here are ten things you’re sure to remember.

1. People constantly mistaking your elastic bands for saliva

Remember those painful little elastic bands your dentist made you promise you’d wear? And how everyone used to mistake them for saliva every time you opened your mouth? Yep, they were probably one of the most annoying parts about braces, but they actually played an important part in realigning your jaw. We all hated them at the time, but you can thank them for your lovely straight teeth today!

2. When it’s months past your brace removal date…and it doesn’t look like they’re coming off any time soon!

You thought wearing braces for two years was bad enough, but it’s now nearly three years later and it still doesn’t look like they’re coming off. Sound familiar? Orthodontists can usually provide a pretty good estimate of how long you need to wear your braces for, but there are lots of factors which can elongate the process – one being whether you have actually been wearing those cursed rubber bands! At least we have the Six Month Smile now hey?

3. When you finally get your braces off…and then your dentist hands you a retainer!

The day has finally come where you are going to be brace-free! But then minutes after having them removed your dentist hands you a glamorous retainer with strict instructions on wearing it. Will it ever end? Unfortunately, wearing a retainer is the only way to ensure your teeth remain straight after all those uncomfortable years of wearing braces, but it is well worthwhile for that brilliant smile and you can even opt for clear retainers which are barely visible!

4. Doing that straight faced, non-teeth smile in photos.

That dreaded moment when someone suggests a photo and you have to go through the ordeal of trying to smile without showing a mouth full of metal. People nowadays don’t understand the struggles! Not only have braces become much more on trend since many celebrities have made it fashionable to wear them proudly, but there are also lots of discreet braces options that are highly effective and are barely visible.

5. Not being allowed to eat ALL your favourite foods.

As soon as your braces are fitted, you’re handed a long list of foods which are now off limits. Why is it that you only crave an apple once you’ve been told you can’t have it? The list doesn’t stop there, it also includes toffee, gum, popcorn, crusty bread, raw carrots, nuts…it goes on. In fact, the only appropriate foods are usually soft and easy to eat…and the kind that gets stuck in your braces. Thank goodness for those little brushes your dentist gave you to keep your braces clean!

6. Never leaving the house without a pocket mirror

As well as interdental brushes, you also couldn’t leave the house without a small mirror so that you could conduct regular food checks after every meal or snack. There’s nothing worse than the humiliation of realising you had been going about your day with lettuce in your teeth or a bit of bread!

7. Developing a lisp overnight

One day you are speaking fine and the next, words are a real challenge thanks to your new braces. Yes, we know that braces take some adjusting to but it is literally like learning to talk all over again! Thankfully, we are fast adjusters and the difficulty in speaking doesn’t last long. Modern brace wearers are lucky enough not to have this problem as newer treatment options such as Invisalign braces and Incognito lingual braces are so un-invasive that people are able to carry on as normal without having to readjust.

8. The excitement of choosing the colour of your train tracks

So, you weren’t thrilled about the idea of having braces but you’ve just found out that you can choose whatever colour brackets you like! This is almost too much to handle. Apparently, you can even do a combination of mixed colours? This is a big moment in your braces journey and one that takes a lot of consideration. You wouldn’t want to rush the decision and pick any old colour!

9. Dreading the day your braces get tightened.

Every 4-6 weeks you would try to remain calm before the dreaded braces tightening appointment would arrive, followed by a few days of liquids and feeling sorry for yourself before getting back to normality. It was the same process every time and although painful at first, the whole thing was always much worse in your head.

10. That terrifying feeling of going through airport security

Everyone who has had braces understands the irrational fear of having to go through the airport security metal detectors. Even after everyone told you that this is just a myth and your braces wouldn’t be enough to set them off, it didn’t stop you from experiencing that pre-holiday anxiety every time you had to walk through.

Looking back, braces in the 90s were definitely an experience, but certainly worthwhile. Now, that the ordeal of wearing old-school braces is all a distant memory, we can look back and appreciate that the inconvenience and discomfort was worth it in the end. Still, we’re not saying that if we were to do it all again we wouldn’t opt for the new and improved modern-day orthodontic treatments like Cfast, Invisalign or Six Month Smile! I mean, who wouldn’t want a more discreet, comfortable and faster moving option?

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